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Xiaoyin Xie (b. 1995) is an artist who lives and works in New York City. Finding inspiration in architecture, avant-grade fashion, psychology, and philosophy, her process-driven practice explores human consciousness, and the extremes of order and chaos.

Xiaoyin was born in Chengdu, China and immigrated to Toronto, Canada at the age of five. In 2005, she moved to Irvine, California, a master-planned city where she experienced order, regiment, and uniformity at the personal and urban scale. These circumstances birthed her perpetual desire for divergence from coercive collective conscious, leading her to explore design, photography, film, figure skating, dance, and architecture.


☾ Exhibition

Shockboxx Gallery, Nov 21-Dec 12, 2020

♦︎ Article

♦︎ Article

“Fairy Tales 2019”


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