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Xiaoyin Xie (b. 1995) is a painter who lives and works in New York City. Finding inspiration in architecture, avant-grade fashion, psychology, and philosophy, her process-driven practice explores human consciousness, and the extremes of order and chaos.

Xiaoyin was born in Chengdu, China and immigrated to Toronto, Canada at the age of five. In 2005, she moved to Irvine, California, a master-planned city where she experienced order, regiment, and uniformity at the personal and urban scale. These circumstances birthed her perpetual desire for divergence from coercive collective conscious, leading her to explore design, photography, film, figure skating, dance, and architecture.


☾ Exhibition

Shockboxx Gallery, Nov 21-Dec 12, 2020

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♦︎ Article

“Fairy Tales 2019”

Artist Statement
Art is a meditative process that celebrates the power of the individual to shape his/her own reality. I paint to challenge artificial collective thinking, which I see as the cause of self-deception and cognitive dissonance. Painting is my language to communicate with my shadow self—the hidden part of us that needs to be integrated to form a whole being, a concept popularized by Carl Jung. By uncovering the truths within our psyche, we can move forward and progress towards higher states of consciousness.

I paint to simulate a process of projection, whereby I reveal hidden elements of my psyche through the act of painting itself. Each painting is a momentary reconstruction of my Ego, unlocking a part of my unconscious. It is revealed through how I approach the canvas—thickness of paint, pressure of my brush strokes, transparencies, overlaps, speed, desire to hide or emphasize certain compositional elements. Through painting I mediate confrontation with my subconscious in order to dispel illusions brought about by deception on the conscious level. With awareness of the source behind my conscious thoughts and beliefs, I am able to understand my power and responsibility as an individual.

I am interested in the act of creation itself rather than the result. Painting is the language—the physical movement, the mediums, the techniques form the vocabulary used to manifest energy into something material. To me painting is deep introspection, an opportunity to discover objective truths on a personal and thereby universal level.


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